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We'll All Float On

And We'll All Float On Anyway

24 July 1988
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by Malionette
alice, alice/hatter, anime, art, attempting to be funny, b.b. king, baking, being snarky, blues, books, boot sox, cain/dg, calla lilies, candles, cellos, cock a la mode, cocks, coffee, cooking, dancing, dirt, editing, english, fall, fan art, fan soundtracks, fantasy, ficbitching, final fantasy, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, final fantasy xii, flower shops, flowers, fog, food, gardening, graverobber/shilo, gravitation, growing things, guitar, hating calorie nazis, hatter, hatter/alice, homos, horror, horticulture, hot braised cock, hot homo gay, hot houses, human sexuality, hysterical reviews, incense, internet, japanese, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, knitting, lanky fair skinned boys, laughing at fan fiction, meditation, memphis in may, moody fall days, more cocks, movies, multicolored hair and tinsle, music, naruto, omg ding!, one cock two cocks, one piece, orange blossoms, outside, percy/patrica, philosophy, picnics in the shower, pimping, plants, procrastination, reading, red cocks blue cocks, repo!, repo! the genetic opera, resident evil the games, rock, scifi's alice, seeds, shilo/graverobber, showers, silent hill, singing, soil, soo desu nee, spades, spring, string instruments, stuffed animals, summer, syfy's alice, tastespotting, tattoos, the lonely bamboo, the sims, thunderstorms, tiger lilies, tin man, turkhood, turks, unexpected mail, video games, warm weather, window boxes, winter, world of warcrack, world of warcraft, wrestling with hiragana, wrestling with kanji, wrestling with katakana, writing, yaoi, yard work, yarn